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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
            Can you handle it?
by Ethos

While You Wait

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

I’m posting my look into the dawn of modern motion gaming tomorrow, but I stumbled across something I laughed at during my research. I wrote these fake conversations with Nintendo on March 4th, 2008.

Nintendo: “Here’s a new cel-shaded Link!”
Fans: “We hate it!”
Nintendo: “Fuck you!”

Nintendo: “Here’s the Wii!”
Fans: “What the hell? What happened to the badass name ‘Revolution’?”
Nintendo: “Fuck you! Also, we’re going to make it so your mom can play and we’ll cut off the nuts of hardcore fans who still plan to defend us!”
Fans: “What? C’mon! We kinda like our nuts!”
Nintendo: “Fuck you!”

I laughed, hopefully that’ll hold you guys off until tomorrow evening.