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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
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by Ethos

Scatter Storming. Issue #029

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Hey fellas! I half-apologize for the lack of original content in last week’s Scatter Storming. Only half because that cover was fucking sweet. Also, Star Fox 64 quotes are fucking sweet. I didn’t even get to half of the great ones. Anyhoo, now that I’m not broke anymore, I’ve been buying games like a mad man. Probably not the best idea in the universe, but whatever, it’s good to be back in it! Let’s talk about some of these games, shall we?

Shatter Storming -
I slay myself. After Colin Moriarty from Podcast Beyond pimped the hell out of this game, I decided to download it. It’s a brick breaker game but with the necessary twists. Your paddle can blow or suck (that’s what she said), which affects the trajectory of not only the ball but also power-ups and the bricks in play. Your remaining lives can be used however you like as well. Meaning if you have 3 lives remaining, you can shoot between 1 and 3 balls out into play. It makes for a very interesting take on the genre, and I had a blast playing through it. I’m mediocre at best at the game, but it’s obvious that score whores could play this game for hours on end. For me, I’m glad I bought it, but I can’t imagine I’ll be playing it much after this.

After Patapon 2 took over my PSP, it took a little bit of work to get back into Lunar. Mostly because I’m still playing Plants Vs Zombies all the time. Still, it’s back to being the primary game on my little Go. It’s losing a bit of steam, but I’m still enjoying the writing, visuals, and music quite a bit. We’ll see how it holds up if I get around to any more heavy play sessions.

Star Ocean? -
Yeah, I borrowed it from my brother for the PS3. MAN am I ever glad that it has the original Japanese voice track. I don’t want to know how that stuff would have sounded in English. Sometimes there is no translation for culture. Anyway, the battle system seems interesting, but the field controls seem clunky. Well, at least while in a tight space. I’ll give it a fair shake, but at the time being, it’ll have to do a lot to bump it up from “generic” to “I’ll be able to beat the thing”. I’ll probably just end up waiting until my next Tales of fix for that sort of mediocre anime JRPG fix.

Gimme gimme

But in awesome RPG news… -
MAN, that Pirates RPG looks great! It sounded awesome on paper when it was first announced ages ago, but now that the impressions are rolling in, I’m truly excited. This is how licensed games should be done. Give the team the freedom to make the kind of game they want to make, and give them the time to make it! Although it’s probably bad that I’m expecting Heartless to make an appearance.

Prince of Persia Update -
But this is really what you’re all waiting for! The update to the competition that I am going to TROUNCE Riddles in. Yes, I’ve only completed 25% of Sands of Time so far, but that completion percentage is a little misleading. My week is busiest at the beginning. Although I have a wedding to attend on Saturday, I can dedicate the rest of the time to blasting through the trilogy. Even if Riddles has a…erm…first wind, I’ll still knock ‘im dead. Either way, I’ll be giving impressions of my return to Sands of Time and of the other two games I haven’t had a chance to play before this.

Well that’s all! I appreciate you all still reading this site even after Riddles continuously abandons it! I know I don’t have magazine words on this cover, but I liked the Star Fox one so much, and this picture is a little classy, I decided to keep it this way again. The cluttered awesomeness will return, have no fear!

…Where’s Riddles?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I’ll admit, his silence is scaring me. I want to give an update of my progress, but with my two busiest days of work looming I’m scared that my modest progress will encourage Riddles to kick my ass. Has he already beat Sands of Time? Has he not started? Are we neck in neck?! ARGH!

It’s On!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Watch out, Princey boy

Welcome to Prince of Persia Week everybody. In preparation for the unexpected “The Forgotten Sands” game on May 18, and the actually-looks-pretty-cool Sands of Time movie on May 28, Riddles and I have decided to make this Sands of Time Week. Why this week? Well, frankly, we’re not sure how good the game is going to be, and Mario Galaxy 2 and Alan Wake deserve their own week more than a semi-tie-in. Also, why would we give a movie its own week? Everything makes more sense this way.

Of course, Oliver will be silly enough to buy The Forgotten Sands on day 1 and he’ll have impressions of the title, but this week is all about the race to the finish. Yes, Riddles and I are both going to attempt to playthrough the entire Sands of Time trilogy. Riddles has an innate advantage because he’s BEATEN Warrior Within and The Two Thrones, and he also doesn’t work 10 hour days on Tuesday and Wednesday, but whatever. I can be competitive. So place your bets and look forward to updates and IMpressions from Riddles and I throughout the week! Play along if you’d like! I’m popping in Sands of Time tonight! I’m quite excited as it’s one of my favourite games of last generation. No foolin’.