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by Ethos

Fireside Games Countdown #3 – Pokémon Platinum

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Ethos’ Fireside Games are games that he can pull out at any moment and it will soothe his fruity soul in one way or another. It is the perfect mix of nostalgia and comfort. It is a game that gives the same feeling it did the first time he played it. It’s the sort of game that can create the most unique distinct cravings that only the game itself can satisfy. Ethos is counting down his top #5 all week.

pokemon-platinum#3 Fireside Game – Pokémon Platinum
Oh Pokémon. This was an easy choice. Any time I’m not in the middle of a game, I will play Pokémon. Whenever a new version comes out, it is guaranteed that I will buy it day one and beat it faster than I beat most games. Now Silver is my favourite version overall, and Yellow is probably the version I’ve spent the most time with, but the Pokémon games are so near identical, I always play the latest one just for the convenience of playing it on the portable system I’m carrying around anyway, and because the interface changes are noticeable enough to feel annoyed playing the older versions.

Although it may be obvious, Pokémon Platinum makes an excellent Fireside Game because of its reliable and pick-up-and-play nature. I know what I’m getting, and it hits the spot every time. It’s a comfort because it can always be with you. Sure it’s a little depressing, but because the DS versions can essentially be played with one hand, I can spend my entire day with those addicting little mother fuckers. Also with the absurd number of creatures stuffed into the game, I can switch it up enough to not get bored. Pokémon is the series that got me into RPGs. I’ve been playing it for a decade and I will very likely being playing it until the day I die. It is reliable, fun, and the perfect Fireside Game. The only reason it’s third, really, is because I find that snuggling on a couch with a portable system doesn’t bring the same Fireside imagery as console games. Anyway, I have a party to go to. Suck it, chumps!