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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
            Can you handle it?
by Ethos

My God

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Riddles is such a fuck. JRPG Relapse Week is a taxing week, yet he decides to postpone it. Thanks a lot, asshole. You get this picture.

Riddles is this guy AND the noob

Riddles is this guy AND the noob

Hey! Look! Listen!

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Oh hey there. Remember Riddles? He doesn’t! He’s probably crying in some lost corner somewhere wondering where and who he is. That’s the absolutely only explanation I can think of why he didn’t come up with a Hey! Look! Listen! last night. But that’s okay, because there’s a wealth of news that I’m more than happy to bring you. So I, your temporary host, Ethan “Ethos the Great” Pipher, will guide you through the bizarre and depressing world of video games.

What I imagine the dude looks like

What I imagine the dude looks like

Man Completes World of Warcraft

Let’s start with the most depressing thing. Some sad sap recently “beat” World of Warcraft this week. Wow. WoW wow, even. I suppose he should be congratulated, but I just feel like crying. Especially because I feel I’m going to get the honour for Final Fantasy XIV when it comes out next year. MMOs are the games you’re not supposed to beat. (Destructoid).

White Knight Chronicles Gets North American Release Date

Took them freaking long enough. February 2. Still, with Mass Effect 2 and FFXIII, this one would need rave reviews for me to pick up. And looking at the reception in Japan, I’m not holding my breath. (IGN).

InFamous Sells Well Later and Opens Up DLC to Everyone

Infamous sold modestly when it first came out, but whether it was all the buzz, or people waiting to buy a slim, the numbers have jumped from around 200 000 at its release to 1.2 million now. To bring attention to this, Sucker Punch has dropped the price and is going to be releasing DLC that was previously only available as a pre-order incentive. It’s some “gigawatt” move or something. You power up the Delorean, I think. I don’t remember. I’m not terribly interested in that part of the story, so you can read the article if you are. (IGN).

Gran Turismo 5 Demo Coming This Year

Yessssss. This excites me, although with Forza 3 being so awesome, I have to admit that my enthusiasm is a little tamer than it would have been. Still, it’s nice to see all these games like Final Fantasy XIII and Gran Turismo 5 show that they are, in fact, going to be released before I die. Presumably anyway. Maybe Riddles is MIA because he’s come up here to kill me. (IGN).

KateBowmanMass Effect 2 Discs

SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?! I used “2″ twice! Because it’s Mass Effect 2, and it’ll be on 2 discs! WOW, I’m incredible. But it’s true. On the PC, it just means a 2 disc install. On the 360 it means you’ll have one (and only one) disc swap at one carefully chosen point in the game. I’m sure some people are grumbling, but I don’t care about the swapping one bit. Although it does likely mean that the game will be longer. I know that’ll make some happy, but I loved the length of the last game, so I’m lukewarm on that thought. Either way, that’s the story. Oh yeah, and there’ll be a 3rd disc of bonus stuff if you get the Collector’s Edition. (IGN).

Done! That’s better than Riddles’ typical pile of shit, right?

Hey! Look! Listen!

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

One story today.

Riddles Sucks

“Ohh, I’m Riddles, I have two days off, and have Modern Warfare 2, but can’t find the time to post a Hey! Look! Listen! Oh poor me! Wahh! Oh Ethan, you’ve been working for 23 hours on 7 shows in two days, are you still going to post a Scatter Storming?”
Of course I am!! Jackass.

The point is that you’ll have to wait ’til Thursday for your fix of Riddles’ tainted news. Don’t be easy on him.

I Play More PS3 Than Riddles…

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

…and I don’t even own one! Ha ha ha ha!
Yes, I just beat Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune in a single sitting.
It. Was. Awesome.
I’m so excited for the sequel now, and it’s getting more and more ridiculous that I don’t own my own PS3 yet.
Anyway, I’m surprised Uncharted didn’t get more credit for having absolutely fantastic voice acting and dialogue. If any of you saw the featurettes, you’d know that they took a lot of the actual voice work from the elaborate motion capture scenes. The voice actors would act out the scenes with each other with set pieces and full out blocking. The result was extremely effective, and it’s little wonder the characters felt so alive. Obviously the environment in which actors get to record makes a world of difference.
Anyway, the game rocks for many more reasons than that, but if you want a review, go to the 329875392752301432309 other sites that will also tell you it’s awesome. Anyway, if you couldn’t tell that I liked it from all of that, here’s a masterpiece of a valdalized jpeg that sums up how I feel about the badass lead character.