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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
            Can you handle it?
by Ethos

Scatter Storming. Issue #037

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I’m in a really pissy mood today. Some of you have even felt the effects of it. Oh well, even the friendly ones need a day to hate humanity. So fuck you all. On to games.

One trophy away from a platinum -
My first. Maybe it means absolutely nothing, but I’m excited. It’s something like gamer cred. Only Nate Liles and my friend Alex Aitman have a higher trophy level than me, so it’s a bit of a metagame. Also, the RPG skin to the whole system has me suckered.

The point is that I legitimately enjoy Ratchet and Clank, so getting the Platinum is more of a bonus for my time with the title.

Scott Pilgrim -
Enh. It’s got a cool 8/16 bit graphical style, and the music fits right in with that vibe. I was expecting a side scrolling beat-’em-up, but after Castle Crashers, Scott Pilgrim seems a little dry.

Then again, I got to play Castle Crashers with Riddles and these games are best suited for multiplayer. Also, I’m only one level in and haven’t really powered up enough to explore the movesets and items, so I’m reserving judgement. I’ll play some more before the day is up.

Oh man, this is good Dr. Pepper -
I can’t believe I was debating which drink to get. This is hitting the spot. Pure syrupy deliciousness.

What the fuck games are coming out? -
I don’t give a shit. I wrote that Dr. Pepper thing 6 hours ago. Since then I visited my mother, came home, and continued to be in a pissy mood. Riddles didn’t pick up the phone today, I missed chair hockey, I think I’m sick, I didn’t sleep long enough, and I just want to throw a tantrum and be coddled. I don’t want to be a grown up today.

So yes, no games are coming out. None. Not until Metroid. Fuck that shit.

So I can play piano again.

That’s it. Nothing more. Disappointed? I don’t care, go eat a fuck.

(sorry, I love you guys, I just needed to let all that out)

Welcome to Scott Pilgrim Week

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Oh yeah, it's also set in Toronto.

Yes, it’s a tad late for a welcome, but I didn’t want to step on Riddles’ toes when he made such a timely effort to put up his Hey! Look! Listen!, even if he did upstage me with his Batman story.

In any case, speaking of the mono-infested bugger, the Montok has somehow never heard of any incarnation of Scott Pilgrim. I understand that he’s in Tennessee, but what with the popular comic book series, the major release heavily-promoted film coming out Friday, and the generally well-received game released to PSN yesterday, I find it difficult to cut him any sort of slack.

Speaking of the game, I downloaded it yesterday in honour of the week, and I have mixed feelings so far, but I’ll talk about that in Scatter Storming tonight. Let’s just say I’m far more excited about the movie than finishing the game at this point.

And if you’re lucky you guys will see another Spam Comment Roundup this week too. It can’t be a weekly segment because it’s obviously dependant on how funny the robots are being, but I think I have enough material at this point.

Time to go back to work.