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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
            Can you handle it?
by Ethos

Smash Results

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

A little late, sure, but you can all deal with it.
First up…

Most Kills

IMG_01574th place -
Matti Cowan with 16 kills. Although Lucas is a super powerful character, Matti just couldn’t keep up. To be fair, Matti was the most out of practice of the four of us, but his many years of experience with the series should have held some weight. Sadly, Matti spent the tournament frustrated and wondering where his skill went.

IMG_01603rd place -
Oliver “Riddles” Motok with 17 kills. Just an inch above resident nut, Matti Cowan, our very own Riddles wins the bronze in this category. His performance as Link (and once as Marth) couldn’t finish the job enough times to compete with the top dogs. Frustrating, to be sure, but you can’t argue with the numbers.

IMG_01622nd place -
Ethan “Ethos” Pipher with 25 kills. A health jump from 3rd, but although I was in the lead in this category for the majority of the competition, I just couldn’t hold on when it counted. Olimar is a surprisingly potent killer when you know which smash moves to use when, and it helped me grab the easy silver in this category.

IMG_01511st place -
George “Pogo” Zywiel with 29 kills. While behind in this category in all but two matches (including the penultimate game), Pogo came through when it counted. In the final match, Pogo’s Pikachu logged 6 kills, a record for the entire match, to clearly claim the gold in this event. The Pika-thunder might be one of the more annoying moves in all of Brawl, but damn if Pogo doesn’t know how to use it properly.

Most Wins
Remember for this event, there were 8 matches and in each match, first place got 3 points while second place would get 1. Third and fourth received zero points.

IMG_01604th place-
Oliver “Riddles” Motok with 3 points (1 win). Ouch. Except for the one match in which Riddles won, this means that every other finish was in third or fourth place. It’s true that he was a little off his game because this was the worst I’ve ever seen Riddles play Smash Brothers. Nothing went his way, and Pikachu’s endless thunder attacks always seemed to get the best of him. Maybe next time.

IMG_01573rd place -
Matti Cowan with 7 points (2 wins). While not quite cutting it in the kills category, Matti put up a bit more of a fight to win a few matches. He managed to win a quarter of the games in the tournament and fought his way to a second place finish in one as well. Maybe he didn’t make a gold or silver performance in either category, but at least he made a run for it with the wins.

IMG_01512nd place -
George “Pogo” Zywiel with 8 points (2 wins). Pogo got his wins near the beginning of the tournament, but his early game domination earned him just one more 2nd place finish to edge him ahead of Matti’s end-game efforts. With all his kills, it’s hard to imagine that Pogo only barely held onto his silver medal position, but Smash is all about the balance as these two events show.

IMG_01621st place -
Ethan “Ethos” Pipher with 14 points (3 wins). While I couldn’t hold onto my kills domination, I had locked up the points battle before we even started the final match. Overall wins were fairly close, but I was the only player to earn at least 1 point every match in the tournament and that was enough to almost double the second place score. As every other player in the tournament can attest to, Olimar is a bitch to play against if the guy controlling him knows how to handle his Pikmin, and I wasn’t holding back.

The point is that Riddles really blew that tournament. A lot. Further proof that I am, in fact, better at video games than he.

Smash Preview

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

As per the below video, Riddles, myself, Matti, and the unmentioned Pogo had a Super Smash Brawl tournament. It’s finished, but I’m going to preview the event so you can all place your bets.
There were two events that took place simultaneously over 8 stock matches with 3 lives. No items were allowed and each player got to choose two levels (provided they weren’t in the house banned list). The first event was overall kills which the game passively keeps track of anyway. The second was wins. The first place player got 3 points and second place got 1. The third and fourth players would be left with zero for that match. Players were allowed to switch characters between matches. Below are the contenders.
Smash Preview
And while we were allowed to switch characters and occasionally did, I’ll give you a list of who we played the majority (or all) our matches with.
Riddles - Link
Ethos - Olimar
Matti - Lucas
Pogo - Pikachu
Guess away!