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Ethos and Riddles talk about video games...
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by Ethos

The Dust Has Settled: Day 2 – Ethos

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

All right, guys. A lot went down today. Because of Microsoft’s lackluster showing, I forgot what E3 could bring. Nintendo gave a conference like they remembered who put them in their high chair to begin with, and Sony brought a solid if not slightly underwhelming showing of their own. At least Sony seemed more in touch than Microsoft.

In any case, like I’ve stated before, Riddlethos.com is not your source for news, so I’m sure I’m going to miss 982375493 things in my reactions here, but I want to hit you all with what stuck out to me today.

Kevin Butler’s “I Am Canadian” speech -
Kevin Butler really said nothing in his surprise appearance, but he nailed his performance and made me feel like Sony really isn’t pulling a Nintendo and pushing the hardcore gamer aside. It’s the sort of thing that makes one realize why propaganda speeches during wartime really do make a difference. Anyway, for those of you who don’t understand the reference in the title, just watch below. This was a big deal back when it aired in my little country.

Wait, I actually want to play my Wii again? -
Seriously, besides Super Mario Galaxy 2, I’ve had absolutely zero desire to even pretend to care about the Wii recently. Remember that Soapbox I wrote just the other week? I pronounced Nintendo a long-lost cause with Mario Galaxy 2 being a glimmer of a hopeful future.

Now, I still hate that the Wii refuses to go HD. Hate it. And Nintendo doesn’t seem to be picking up any of the slack in the online community department, but they somehow managed to make me want a bunch of games for that ridiculous console.

The personality is back!

The Zelda demo was a undeniable disaster, but the consensus from impressions on the showfloor is that it really was technical difficulties and the game controls well. It’s still motion controls, yes, but I’d far prefer working motion controls. And the enemy design seems to be discouraging straight-up waggle, so that’s a plus. I also love the art style. The Twilight Princess/Wind Waker hybrid has breathed personality back into the way Zelda looks. I just hope the game follows suit and brings back the life we haven’t seen on a console since Wind Waker along with the mystique and dense game worlds of the N64 iterations.

Then Nintendo surprised me by making me want two other games. 2D platformers, they may be, but wow do they ever look fun. Donkey Kong Country Returns is long overdue, and looks to have all the magic, challenge, and tight game design as the classic Rareware creations. The bigger surprise for game I want is Kirby’s Epic Yarn. It’s challenging Metroid: Other M for worst name, but it’s also in the running for greatest art style ever. It has a bit of a Yoshi’s Story vibe, but looks far more vibrant and creative. When I first saw Kirby’s picture behind Reggie, I remembered Kirby 64 and winced. But then the gameplay happened and now it’s another Nintendo title that I legitimately desire.

Oh right! And then there was Epic Mickey. The concept art rocked, then the screenshots looked terrible, and now the demo was sweet! It desperately made me want HD, yes, but it looked to be creative, fun, and more deep than I’ve come to expect from the Wii. Very strong showing from a console I thought I was done with.

"Sorry to keep you waiting"

3DSawesome -
That’s pronounced “Three Dee Ess Sawsome” by the way. And to conclude Nintendo’s already impressive show, they busted out the 3DS. We knew it was coming, but it still looks sleek, adds an analog stick, and had a very self-aware Kid Icarus trailer that showed off graphics rivaling the stuff we had just seen for the Wii. There are people who are saying it’s barely better than the DS’ current graphics, and that just baffles me. Maybe the trailer was fudged, but all the screenshots across the board are showing significant improvement in my books. Also, what’s up with all these awesome remakes?
-Star Fox 64
-Ocarina of Time 64
-Kingdom Hearts (although not necessarily a remake, I’ve heard reports of drastic changes…)
-Pilot Wings Resort (wait, is this an original title? Either way, it’s sweet)
-Paper Mario (another one that’s up in the air. Remake or new title?)

Either way, the software lineup has me extremely excited. But what about pricepoint and release date, Nintendo? Even Zelda was a vague “2011″, can’t even match that?

Right, not Nintendo -
Because of Nintendo’s surprisingly strong showing, I kinda forgot what Sony showed. LittleBigPlanet 2 looked really impressive, but a bit too daunting for me to be too interested in. Portal 2 for PS3 is really fucking sweet, and I never played the Sly Cooper games, so I’ll always take a HD collection. Even that Sorcery game for Move didn’t look terrible. But playing that would mean buying the Move, and I don’t have a reason to do that yet.

Golden Sun! -
That’s it, really. I’m excited that this exists.

Well I’m really tired and still need to eat. I probably missed a billion things, but you guys can fill that blank! What caught your eye or underwhelmed you from Day 2?

The Dust Has Settled: Day 1 – Ethos

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hey folks! I made a shitty placeholder banner until Riddles is able to put one up. I mean, the Green Day one was really pretty, but not very relevant anymore in a very relevant week.

Speaking of, I’ve decided to make this segment for this week! A lot can happen during one day at E3, so I thought I’d collect my thoughts as things are winding down now.

Let’s throw Microsoft a (small) bone -
Yes, the press conference was all kinds of awful, but the new 360 does look really slick, and I’m definitely a sucker for the whole “the release date is NOW” thing. Still, I love how they put “built in wifi” as a selling point when even the fucking Wii had that at release. THE WII.


Joel McHale was awesome -
I missed the EA press conference (I hear it was just fine), but I was able to catch most of the Ubisoft one. And MAN did Joel McHale ever save the show. I mean, a lot of people didn’t laugh because they felt like they shouldn’t have been, but he made the general uncomfortable feeling of those conferences more bearable. He was improvising inappropriate jokes and saying things that people were thinking. He countered it all with “I’m getting paid for this” over-the-top compliments, but it was worth it for when he’d make fun of a bad hair dye job of a presenter or point out bad AI in Ghost Recon.

Speaking of the Ubisoft Press Conference… -
It reminded me that sometimes good games are shown at E3! Shaun White Skateboarding (he’s actually a professional skateboarder too…) actually looks to be bringing the ridiculous fun of Tony Hawk back in inventive new ways. Yeah, I sounded a bit like PR there, but it’s true. Hopefully I’ll be able to create a character though, because I have no desire to play as Shaun White.

Next was the Rayman demo. The moment the name “Rayman” was mentioned, I lost interest, but then I instantly gained it back again as the art looked beautiful and the game looked to be simple 2D platforming goodness.

Also, Laser Tag? WHAT?! Who gave the green light on that?!

And that’s kinda it from Day 1, really. At least for stuff I saw/cared about. What about you guys?