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by Ethos

The Five Sexiest Chicks in Gaming – #1: Tifa Lockhart

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I recognize that this is a fairly stereotypical first pick, but it’s justified. I’ve already stated that Mitsuru would be #1 if it were up to me, but that’s mostly because I’m in love with her. In reality, Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockhart is infinitely more iconic, and frankly, just as sexy.

And boy, is she ever sexy. Maybe it was just the gigantic knockers, but even in the original PSX classic, Tifa manages to look mighty fine. Her sex appeal is shamelessly flaunted, and while it occasionally borders on the ridiculous, it’s no doubt a part of her character and a huge part of what made her such a symbol. And, while the jaggies may have worked against her in the original game, there were no such hindrances to her beauty in Advent Children – where she is, indeed, beautiful.

Like… well, everyone else on this list (with the possible exception of Jessica) Tifa kicks major ass. When I stop to ponder it, I’m not entirely sure why this is considered a sexy thing. Maybe it’s just because ass-kicking isn’t necessarily something generally associated with womanhood, or maybe because they all look so good while doing it. Especially Tifa. Why? Because she doesn’t necessitate the medium of weaponry. She dives right in with her bare hands. And that, my friends, is hot.

But, while Tifa may be able to throw down, she doesn’t necessarily put on a rough exterior. In fact, Tifa’s a fairly soft, nurturing sort of girl, and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s eternally supportive and caring, especially when it comes to her childhood friend Cloud. And, let’s be honest, it takes quite a girl to put up with the sort of problems that Mr. Strife has. And poor Tifa, she’s known the guy since childhood. And yet, no matter how confusing or weird things get, she’s always managed to stand beside him. It’s almost tragic in a sense – during the events of Final Fantasy VII, when Cloud was relating events that never happened, she was forced to wonder if she was the one going crazy. But, as confusing and painful as that must have been for her, she was there through it all, culminating in my personal favorite part of the game when she and a cracking Cloud piece together his tortured past, while in the mystic confines of the Lifestream.

She’s gorgeous, she’s terrific in a fight, and she has an unbelievable capacity for compassion and understanding. Tifa Lockhart is one special female, and I have no qualms awarding her the #1 spot on our silly little list.

And that, as they say, is that. For the main lists, at least. Check back tomorrow for some honorable mentions, as well as the two “vetoes” – which are more or less what they sound like. Until then, sound off and tell us how much you disagree with our top honors.