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by Ethos

Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah! #012 – I’mma Copy Riddles

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

That’s right, I’ll put a subtitle on my news feature too if I want to. Riddles isn’t the only one who can mooch ideas! Anyway, there’s not a lot of news, and I’m actually a little sick. Maybe I’ve got Pipher’s disease.

Big Daddies Stacked to the Sky

This is the big one. Irrational Games announced Bioshock Infinite, the Boston-based developer’s true follow-up to the original Bioshock. Ken Levine is involved again. This entry actually takes place before the original Bioshock – during the very early 1900s – in a flying city named Columbia. The name isn’t as intriguing as Rapture, sure, but this is a different tale, after all.

In fact, for all the similarities that the teaser trailer showed, Bioshock Infinite seems to be refreshingly different. Columbia is not nation-less, in fact quite the opposite. American flags are abundant in the trailer and even compose a major part of the logo’s design.

However, while the trailer was certainly intense and very intriguing, we didn’t see any gameplay and the game won’t be released until late 2012. Still, it’s a promising announcement, and this is the first time that I’ve been excited for a Bioshock title as Bioshock 2 did nothing for me. Check out the trailer for yourself and check IGN for a full 2 page article with more details, including mention of some sort of inter-city grind-rail system.

The 3rd Birthday Removes the HP Bar, Protagonist’s Clothing

That headline is a little deceptive because the HP Bar in the PSP Parasite Eye follow-up doesn’t actually appear to be taken out of the HUD. However, the lead character, Aya Brea does lose more and more clothing the more she gets hurt. Take a lot at the side-by-side comparison I stole from IGN.

Full health:

After taking damage:

While this is somewhat of a cool and innovative mechanic, I’m having flashbacks to Final Fantasy II and picturing gamers intentionally inflicting damage on themselves. Only this time with slightly more sad reasoning.

Also, how many fucking games is Tetsuya Nomura working on? The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy Vs. XIII, 8543975 Kingdom Hearts games. The guy is a regular, crazier, emo-er, Shigeru Miyamoto. Read his hilarious fake real blog, by the way. (IGN)

Bethesda’s Bane

In slightly random, but mostly hilarious news, Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard used a panel at Quakecon to admit that while you may have never noticed, Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls don’t have ladders. Apparently their engine can’t handle climbing a ladder without slapping the player with loading times.

The reason why this story is newsworthy to me is Howard’s quote at the end.

One day, we tried to figure out why we wanted ladders so bad because we don’t really need them. It just felt like we’re game development pussies because we can’t do ladders.

I never noticed, but now I will. (IGN)


Xbox Wins July- No surprise, really. They have that redesign if you forgot. I did.

PSP Phone Rumours Roundtable- Not news, really, that’s why it’s here. Read IGN editors discuss pros and cons of the newest PSP Phone rumours. Personally, I don’t give a shit about a PSP phone.

That’s that! I wonder if Riddles had read any Scott Pilgrim. I know I haven’t, so I wonder if he’s enjoying it. Everybody I know that’s seen the movie adores it though, so I’d better get on that. I’m feeling a little better today too, so maybe I’ll try the game some more…

We’ll see.

Hey! Look! Listen!

Friday, March 26th, 2010


Mwa-hahahaha. That Blue Dragon Plus “review.” Man oh man, what a riot. Like I’d ever play that game.

Anyway. Hello, and welcome to the forty-sixth edition of Hey! Look! Listen! That’s right folks, I’ve written 46 of these things. Or… well, almost. Ethos wrote a few. But we’ll ignore that fact.

For your convenience, starting with issue #50 I’ll probably start putting the issue number in the title.

But yeah, that’s about it. I’m still unemployed. Let’s read some stories!

Xbox 360 to Receive USB Hard Drive Support

Well, it took them long enough but here it is. On April 6 Microsoft will release a system update for the 360 that will allow it to recognize USB hard drives, as well as flash drives. You’ll be required to specially configure the drive in the Xbox menu, and you can format up to 16 GB of space. You can have up to two drives connected at one time.

That’s… still slightly lame, but better than nothing. According to Microsoft, gamers will be able to transport “profiles, game saves, demos and more.”

As you can imagine, this announcement prompted a lot of Sony fanboys to gloat over the fact that the PS3 has had this capability for years, with no limit. However, a certain resident of the IGN boards named “tdgirard” swiftly shut them all down with this stinging, backhanded comment:


Ouch. (IGN)

Thanks to GamerLimit

Thanks to GamerLimit

Michael Atkinson Steps Down as Attorney General; R18+ Rating On the Way

Well damn it. I wrote about him once. ONCE. And he fucking throws in the towel. Mr. Thompson was far more tenacious than you’ve proven to be, sir Atkinson; I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed.

Ahem. Not entirely sure what the specific reason behind Mr. Atkinson’s resignation was, but from what I can gather, he was rather mired in the poor political decisions of his past. His stance against the R18+ rating was just one of many controversies he was involved in.

Stepping up to replace Atkinson is John Rau, who apparently is fully supportive of an R18+ rating for videogames. Speaking to Chris Prior, president of the Gamers4Croydon party, he “indicated to me that the lack of an R18+ for games seemed absurd, and that it was really just common sense to introduce it, considering the vast majority of adult content is already available under the MA15+ classification.”

Well. Sounds like it’s just a matter of time. Good for Australia! (Kotaku)

The Future of Video Game Controllers… is YOU!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that title. Speaking frankly, this is really neat. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have created a device that’s capable of turning your own skin into a touchpad for electronic devices. Tapping your arm, for example, produces acoustic waves, which the device recognizes and turns into input commands. Watch the video for more information; it totally shows a dude playing Tetris with it, as well as Frogger. (Kotaku)


Final Fantasy IX is Probably Coming to PSN

This isn’t confirmed, but I mean hell, why wouldn’t they? Apparently, one of Square Enix’s producers Shinji Hashimoto has been gathering public opinion on a Final Fantasy IX PSN release. Speaking on the Square Enix Japanese Twitter, he had this to say:

“Thanks to everyone for your opinions on FF9. Regarding an FF9 download release, everyone is so passionate about it that I’ll be proposing it at the next board meeting. Look forward to next week!”

Well, there you have it. He’s going to propose it to the next board meeting. I’m guessing it won’t be too long before we see it join Final Fantasy VII and VIII on the PlayStation Network. (VG247)

penny-arcade-adventures-1Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3 Cancelled

Bummer. I never actually got around to playing episodes 1 or 2, but I’ve heard good things about them, and I’ve always liked Penny Arcade. In an interview with Joystiq, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik confirmed that there wouldn’t be a third entry in the videogame series. But not all is lost; they supposedly plan on finishing the story somehow.

So, what brought about this cancellation? The developer behind the series, Hothead Games, is working on an EA game called Deathspank. (Yeah, no, that’s the actual title). I’ve never heard of Deathspank before in my life, but it’s the reason why Penny Arcade Adventures is being prematurely killed.

“They definitely could’ve done both games,” Holkins said. “I think they could’ve made DeathSpank and Episode 3 but I think Episode 3 would’ve suffered. I mean, I know it would have suffered. So we’d rather not do it than do it half-assed and so we’re going to finish that story but it’s going to be on our website.”

And that, as they say is that. No more Penny Arcade Adventures. They did, however, just release their 11 1/2 anniversary commemorative book, which you can see excerpts from here.

Ah, it’s so nice to have Friday night off.

News Roundup #003

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

The Roundup is back! Things get heated this time as Ethos hits one of Riddles’ sore spots and the fanboy claws come out on both sides.
Apart from lovers quarrels, Riddles and Ethos discuss release dates for various forms of Final Fantasy, a potential sequel to Okami, and perhaps the dumbest world record to ever hit the gaming world.
Dive in, enjoy, and don’t forget to comment afterward.
Click here to enjoy.

Hey! Look! Listen!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Well, it’s been a while since we did this, hasn’t it? The post-GamesCom videogame industry has been relatively uneventful, and will likely remain that way until the Tokyo Game Show. But nonetheless, a few things caught my eye today and I deemed them worthy of sharing with you. Shall we?

All that minus the HDMI cable now just $299

All that minus the HDMI cable now just $299

Xbox 360 Elite Price Cut, Pro Discontinuation Confirmed
So, yeah, remember the rumors about this? And then how Microsoft didn’t say a thing about them at GamesCom? I’m not really sure why, but it seems they didn’t care to make a big deal out of it. In any case, Microsoft officially confirmed today that the Xbox 360 Elite model was receiving a $100 price cut, meaning it now costs the same as the Pro model. ($299). What’s to be done with the Pro model, you ask? Well, it’s receiving a $50 price cut, and being phased out of production. Pretty sweet deal all around, though sadly, the Elite will no longer be packaged with an HDMI cable.

Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s director of product management for the 360 said that this price cut was a direct result of lowered production costs. Oh, and for what it’s worth, he denied the “rumors” of a slimmed-down 360 console, claiming that the 360 hasn’t even reached “half its lifespan.”

Verbinski Not to Direct BioShock Movie
This is actually somewhat old, but still disappointing enough to share. Because of the film’s new overseas filming locations, Gore Verbinski is stepping down as director of the BioShock film. And just to add insult to injury, 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is taking his place. (By the by, Fresnadillo is not to be confused with Danny Boyle, the director of the superb 28 Days Later. Days was awesome. Weeks sucked.)

Damn straight.

Damn straight.

And with Verbinski goes the last of my hopes for the BioShock film. At this point, frankly, I see it going the way of the Halo movie. And perhaps that’s a good thing. In fact it almost certainly is.

Well! I have two hours before I have to leave for work, and a fresh copy of Dissidia sitting on my desk. Just arrived in the mail this morning; a bit late, but I can forgive them.

Yes, I’m kidding. I drove across the street and bought it with my own hard-earned cash. I’ll be there someday, though…

News Roundup #001

Monday, August 17th, 2009

So, here it is finally. Our long-promised News Roundup feature, which is essentially me and my cohort Ethos having an IM conversation about whatever piqued our interest in the videogame industry over the last week. The goal is to be novel, funny and informative, but if you find it dry, long-winded and superfluous, that works as well.

DO enjoy: http://riddlethos.com/category/newsroundsup/